Contents of the tour:

  • Guests in our houses are welcome to use the wild garden along a rushing waterfall of Bleie-elva for free
  • Ornamental plants, including Hosta, Rhododendron, lilies (Lilium) and daylilies (Hemerocallis), trees and shrubs.
  • Wild plants natural for the place
  • Bird watching, including Norway’s national bird the dipper, is popular during spring and early summertime
  • Sitting places just for resting, or an outdoor breakfast, lunch or supper 

Wild, ornamental and exotic.

The garden called "Elvabomen" (literally "River flower") is a unique, large collection of plants and flowers from all over the globe. Painstakingly built up over many years, the carefully landscaped garden sits right next to the rushing river, providing a striking contrast between the calm and the dramatic faces of nature in western Norway.